How you can help!

Some stay and pray, some give and some go. 
All are needed to advance His Work.


Sign up as part of the Intercessor’s Prayer Team – Prayer is the heart and power of this ministry.

The International Solid Rock, Inc., a 501©(3) not-for-profit religious organization, takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to persecuted church in Cuba. We ask you to please consider supporting this outreach for the Cuban people so that we can continue to do Biblical evangelism, leadership training, and humanitarian relief.

Biblical evangelism is conducted through door-to-door evangelism, church programs, and special concerts for the un-churched.  Music is our platform to the public and the Gospel is presented through preaching, teaching, and testimonies.

One objective through our leadership training, conferences and seminars is to encourage the locals to reach their island with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is done through some basic Biblical training and encouragement by providing leaders with Spanish DVD’s, CD’s, tracts, Bibles and various literature.  There is no one more qualified to reach a fellow Cuban with the comfort of Jesus than one who already knows Christ.  The main focus is to build up these believers and develop leadership so they can improve the overall quality of life in their community.

The humanitarian relief is facilitated through setting up medical clinics, and feeding programs including a six-month on going vitamin supply for children. The nutritional vitamins we provide for the children have had great results.  Children are experiencing growth spurts and are not getting sick like the past.  Although these are great reports regarding the effects of the nutritional programs, the greatest value is the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that many are beginning to understand.  To see hope arise in the faces of people who have so little and have been oppressed for so long is an amazing sight to witness.

In addition, various supplies are provided such as clothing, eyeglasses, medical equipment and supplies, medicines, Bibles, books, musical instruments and equipment for church worship leaders, work tools, and other religious literature.

Become an Impact Partner – Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord….and He will repay him/her for their deed.” Proverb 19:17

The average salary in Cuba is slightly over $20 per month and most people are severely malnourished.  Santeria, is generally defined as an Afro-Cuban religion that originated in what is today Nigeria and Benin in West Africa.  Many refer to the Orichas, or the deities of the religion, as saints or “santos”.  This tendency to combine terminology and concepts from Catholicism and West Africa religions is the main religious system in the country.  The leadership training and humanitarian relief addresses these issues by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ while caring for the poorest of the poor by helping with some basic needs.

The International Solid Rock Ministry has been working in the country of Cuba for 17 years and has made over 50 mission trips to the island.  We have found that the best and most effective way of reaching the island with the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through the locals.  Therefore, training leaders to facilitate these programs is essential.  Collaborating with hand picked churches and working with the strong home church movement has been very effective with many coming to know the Savior.

Volunteer Today – Join The Ministry Team On A Short Term Mission Trip

During the quarterly “short term” mission trips, we host teaching and training seminars for pastors, prison workers, women, and children.  During these seminars we feed all those who attend and always try to provide meat in the meal.  Additionally, we visit the distribution centers to encourage the workers with more supplies that each mission partner provides.  Rice, beans, and some other miscellaneous items are purchased on the island while other hard to find items are shipped from the USA such as eyeglasses, work tools, vitamins, clothing, shoes, etc.

These trips involve visits to adult and children feeding programs, medical clinics, church planting projects, and participation in workshop/seminars that include topics such as: Marriage, Family Violence, Grief, Parenthood, Praise &Worship and special programs for children.

With an average income of $20 per month, families are faced with starvation and have nothing for basic needs.  The International Solid Rock Ministry is resourced through individual donors, businesses, and sponsor churches.  We need additional resources that are beyond our current fundraising abilities to continue helping the persecuted church in Cuba.  Would you consider becoming an Impact Partner to help the persecuted church in Cuba?

Rev. Tony Loeffler, president and cofounder, is an ordained minister with International Ministerial Fellowship since 2003, a member of Coalition of Prison Evangelists for over 20 years, a member of Prison Fellowship’s Operation Starting Line Collaborators group for 5 years, a partner with Prison Fellowship International for 18 years, and a blues hall of fame musician.  We look forward to a partnership with your organization in reaching more Cubans with this glorious message of salvation.